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Begbot offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money via automated sport trading. Easy, transparent, reliable.
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Why invest through Begbot?


Begbot offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money. Our solution is suitable for those who are new to the world of sport exchange trading, as well as for trading experts and large-scale investors. Begbot is the World’s first large scale multi-algorithm sport exchange trading service offering an alternative to those who don´t have capacites for mastering extensive trading techniques.


We are a team of experts in the sport trading sector, and our core service is to provide the most efficient and reliable investment opportunity.


Begbot uses advanced analytics software that independently analyzes sport exchange markets, seeks and creates profitable trading opportunities. Orders to back or lay are generated automatically, without any emotion, based on pre-defined trading strategies. The Begbot trading software running on latest hardware boasts impressive performance.

Begbot ensures long lasting and stable operation of its service by applying strictly conservative money management policy. Huge number of trades outweigh relatively small average profit on single trade. Low-risk strategies protect partners´funds from significant drop down and make default case technically impossible.

We take security very seriously at Begbot. There are a few elements to our service which we hope will put your mind at rest. We keep a constant eye on on trading, money transferring and every other account related activities. Your private information and partner funds never get touched by a third party.

Always outperform your competition. We constantly upgrade our hardware to stay a step ahead of our competitors. Peak technology and experienced operators form solid foundation for our business. Raising amount of trading data collected on daily basis allow us to create even more accurate trading models.




See the currently available contracts


STARTER  300 EURO  3 months average payout 25,41% No referral bonus, 6 discount points UNAVAILABLE
GOLD 600 EURO  6 months average payout 50,82% No referral bonus, 12 discount points INVEST
PLATINUM 1200 EURO  12 months average payout 101,64% 3% referral bonus, 24 discount points INVEST
DIAMOND  10000 EURO  24 months average payout 203,28% 8% referral bonus, 124 discount points INVEST



 SMART TIP: Earn more with our Refer-a-friend bonus program. 


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You can extend your income in many ways with Begbot. You can recommend our service to your friends and receive immediate cash bonus whenever they decide to sign a new contract. Moreover, you will also take percentage of your partner´s future profit. Both ways you can increase your income by hundreds or even thousands.


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