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Getting started

What is Begbot?
Who we are?
How to create an account?
How does it work?
Who can join?
Can companies invest?
How safe are investments?
How is income taxed?
What fees are applicable?
What is the minimum amount that can be invested?
How long is invested money ´locked-in´?
What happens if Begbot folds?
What happens if a marketplace provider goes out of business?


How to invest?
How do I make money from my investments?
What is general money pool?
Can I cancel my investment?
Is trading with Begbot safe?
Are investments through Begbot guaranteed by the State under the Deposit Guarantee Fund or any similar programme elsewhere?
How liquid are investments?
How can I forecast expected income from my investments?
Anyway, what performance can I expect?
When do I get my payout?
Can I use the advantage of compound interest?
Ok, I like it. How can I pay?

About Begbot

Why are you not trading yourself?
Do I need to download and run any software?
Can I buy your software?
Where is your basement?
Which markets do you trade?
What are the advantages of bot trading compared to a trader?
What does ´semi-automated´ mean?


How can I withdraw money from my account at Begbot?
Can I change the withdrawal method?
Can I change the withdrawal period?
Will I be charged for a withdrawal?
How long does it take to get money?

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